Internet things

What do you know about Internet things?
In the eighties and nineties of the last century lived the world in the era of computing and desktop computers and personal and this wave, which has been at its height for nearly 15 years is the nature of that era For example, the message was Microsoft "a device on each office and in every home" This is what I have been able to achieve fully. With the development of processors and screens we moved to the era of Mobility roaming where the emergence of the iPhone in early 2007 the beginning of the new era of technology and the new era of computing. From that time to the moment, we carry in our pockets what can do more than a huge desktop computer that sits on our desks 10 years ago. There is no doubt that we will live in the era of mobile devices for several years to come, but there is a huge wave coming and began to reach some of its features a few years ago. We are about to live what has become known as the Internet of Things or what is known as the IoT

What is Internet stuff?
There are many entities that have tried to set a precise definition of the Internet things and because no one owns or controls the Internet things. Certainly there will be no formal definition, but simply all the definitions are in one concept and I would like to explain it by the following text:

"Internet Of Things" is a sophisticated concept of the Internet so that everything in our lives have the ability to connect to the Internet or to each other to send and receive data to perform specific functions through the network "

Do not like theoretical definitions? I also simply Internet things is the world we are starting to live in some aspects now that some of the things we use have Internet connectivity, such as watches, televisions, hand accessories, glasses and others. But what is this world hiding from what has appeared so far and what is meant by "things" in the Internet phrase of things?