Hyper SMS

"An innovative solution for displaying large and varied text message content"
Hyper Messaging is an innovative way to increase message content through a smart link, which can contain an unlimited number of words, image, video, sitemap on Google, a website link or a social networking network as well as a link to a fixed or mobile phone number. With the ability to reply to the message, the smart link of the message monitors who opens the link and who replies to the message, and displays all replies received.

Message components:
The Hyper Message is an SMS that contains a smart link. This link can contain all or some of the following items:

It usually refers to the name of the advertiser and is Arabic, English or English English with an unlimited number of letters or words

Textual Content:
It can contain an unlimited number of words.

An image or a collection of images in which the customer wishes to support his text message.

Video :
A video from YouTube opens directly in the same message when you press the play button.

Google Map:
Through which you can go directly through the mobile to the customer's site or the chosen branch.

Link :
The customer is encouraged to visit the website or any social networking network.

Link Title:
To name the desired address such as visit our site or follow us or please fill out the form or ... others.

contact number :
Add a fixed or mobile phone number to communicate directly with the customer.

Box of replies or inquiries:
In order to receive responses or inquiries from interested customers.

The Smart Link is interested in customer activity by clicking on the link, where the customer has the ability to communicate with them.
The smart link is also monitored by means of a reply or inquiry box, either a response record or a full response to the customer's mobile number.