Voice messages

Voice Messages Voice messages are targeted to target our customers and are broadcast on classified databases across the Kingdom. The service is provided by phone call to customers and landlines targeted by local Saudi numbers, and used voice messages in promotional campaigns or questionnaires and others. The purpose of voice messages may be to optimize the use of resources, increase the productivity of communication service personnel or salespeople, save time, effort and money, and increase customer loyalty.

Main features of voice messages Voice Messages:
 Ensuring 99.9% of messages are sent to the target groups.
 Without any hidden fees or establishment fees.
 The possibility of sending messages in all languages ​​of the world, in the voice of men or women.
 Voice messages start from 15 seconds to 90 seconds for the message.
 Messages are accessible to mobile numbers or fixed numbers.
 Classified and filtered databases for fixed and mobile phones.
 pha supports Nour's school system
Ability to target by city, neighborhood, gender or nationality.
Detailed reports with numbers that included the voice message, how many seconds were heard, and when the voice message was received.
Ability to send interactive messages, where the customer can interact with one of the options specified in the message, and then extract a detailed report.
The ability to send later to save your time, where you can process the message and set the time and date will be transmitted at the same time you have chosen in advance.
Import and export your data from the software to save it and return it at any time.
Ability to upload numbers from an external database with ease and ease.
Ability to send to individuals or groups through pre-registered numbers in the program.
Professional technical support around the clock.
The best price for voice messages in the Kingdom.