SMS messages

Crazy SMS offers mobile message groups to classified databases of up to millions of users. Companies and organizations usually use their marketing and promotional plans by sending certain advertising formats to customers on a regular or targeted basis to market their offerings of products and services in order to reach larger A possible slice of the market. It can also be used by connecting messages to all programs and sites through which messages can be sent to subscribers or registered in the program according to specific mechanisms determined by the program system.

Advantages of SMS marketing
 Our customers can send messages directly through the website
 Our clients can delegate technical support to pha website by sending messages through their databases containing millions of numbers within
 Saudi ArabiaIncludes access of advertising messages to customers.
 We ensure that our customers maintain direct communication through professional technical support to ensure quality of service
 The customer will see the messages in detail in contrast to some other advertising means that the client passes without focus.
 The customer is unique in advertising, unlike newspapers and magazines, where the client's ads are often posted next to competitors' ads in the same field on the same page, thus reducing his chances of getting a larger slice of the market.
 Flexibility and great savings in SMS messaging costs
Specification of Crazy SMS messages
 pha supports easy to create and add infinite numbers of groups
 pha supports applications for mobile phones (iPhone, Android)
 Ability to send in Arabic and English
 Number of letter letters (70) characters in Arabic or (160) characters in English
 The customer can write the name of the sender that suits him (11) letter or number in English
 Free messages to test the service
 pha supports Nour's school system
pha supports connectivity with all programs and websites
Supports Crazy SMS messages variables to send one message to a large number with different content
You are free to choose the name of the sender, whether a word or a mobile number
You can send messages containing information about each recipient
Fast access of messages with the push of a button
Features to filter duplicate and incorrect numbers and delete them when sending
Add ready message templates that can be used at any time
Ability to transfer credit to more than one subscriber
Send messages to a large number of mobile phones at a time
Select a specific transmission time for the system to execute on your behalf at the time you specify
Keep your messages archived with search capability
Store numbers in groups representing a phonebook that can be sent at the push of a button
The Crazy SMS client gets a report of the messages sent, indicating the messages that have arrived and have not yet arrived
pha provides continuous technical support (24) hours per day (7) days a week